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Friday, December 27, 2013

The Pulphack is Taking a Winter Break

Pulp Hack Confessions is taking this week and the next one off to complete my new novel, The Jade Bone Jar.

When we get back on Saturday, Jan. 11, we will have fresh material, including a review of Martin Cruz Smith's latest Arkady Renko adventure, Tatiana, and a look at Siege by Simon Kernick, a nail biter about terrorists taking over a London hotel. 

We also will have the first of several excerpts from The Jade Bone Jar, detective yarn set in Oakland, California immediately after World War II that features a new character: ex-Marine and Honolulu cop Kevin O'Conor. If you like stories that feature war profiteers, inept FBI agents, international criminals and the theft of personal property from interned Japanese-American citizens, you will want to read this one.

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