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Sunday, March 9, 2014

New Martin Calvary Action from my English friend, Tim Stevens

Annihilation Myths
By Tim Stevens

(Available at sites linked below)

Nine months after fleeing Prague, Calvary, former soldier and assassin, is hiding in Brittany in the French countryside. He's evaded his employers, the Chapel, and is carving out a life for himself.

One afternoon in a wintry Paris, he encounters a former Army colleague, Harper, who's fallen on hard times. Harper begs Calvary to help him find a missing girl who's disappeared after becoming involved with a sinister socio-cultural movement which appears to be increasing its grip on French society.

Calvary refuses the request. But an act of pitiless violence catapults him into a terrifying undercover mission deep within Soleil Levant, one of the most bizarre and opaque organisations he's ever encountered.

Who, exactly, is the movement's leader, the charismatic Didier-Luc Durand? And, more crucially, what are his plans for the future of France?

As the net of suspicion tightens relentlessly around him and events race towards a spectacular climax, Calvary discovers that the only person he can trust to scupper Soleil Levant's plans is himself. But can he stay alive long enough to do so?

$4.99 for Kindle reader at the following fine retailers:

Barnes & Noble (Nook)

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