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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Buy These Magazines Or I'll Be Forced to Shoot This Octopus!

(Department of Shameless Pimpery)

No doubt you've heard the expression, "Sleeping with the fishes?" The lady in the tank pictured above knows all about this colloquial phrase. In fact, she's "sleeping with the fishes" right now!

(Well, technically she's sleeping with a cephalopod, but that's a type of seafood, too -- just like a tuna, oyster or shark.) 

My point is, if you don't buy one of the truly fine publications below, I am going to have to do something drastic to this highly intelligent life form. Or maybe to the sleeping woman, instead!

And if I get really desperate, I may have to do something to you!

Each of the magazines at the bottom of this shameless bit of self-promotion contains a fine story by yours truly. Actually, I lied: one of them only contains part of a story -- the remaining parts will appear in later editions.

The mags are:

All Due Respect, the fine crime magazine published by Mike Monson (author of Scent of New Death and his new novel, Tussinland, which is scheduled for release in the near future) and Chris Rhatigan (author of The Kind of Friends Who Murder Each Other and Wake Up, Time to Die).

This bad boy contains my short story, "The Bust-Out," which chronicles the misadventures of a criminal crew that is short on skill but big on ambition. Hired for a million dollar insurance scam, our malefactors face various ups and downs before the story's end.

It also contains equally chilling stories by Hilary Davidson, Travis Richardson, Joe Clifford, CT McNeely and others. 

All Due Respect, Issue Number 4, now available through Amazon for Kindle ($2.99). 

Dark Corners Pulp Magazine, is another fine collection of stories  edited by the intrepid team of CT and Emily McNeely and their associate Steve Gallagher. Filling out the crew is the magazine's inimitable illustrator, Katie Lawter.

It contains the first installment of a serialization of my novelette, "Witch's Hat Trick," in which a Ukrainian wizard locks horns with a boss in the Russian criminal organizatsia, Mafiya.  The story will be continued to its conclusion in coming issues of the magazine.

As they say on late night TV, "But wait! There's still more!" There's "Company Man," a story by Tom Pitts (Hustle) about a hit man who takes a buddy with him on a job; there's "The Husband Killers" by Deborah Lacy, in which an interview on a TV program takes a felonious turn that turns the station's Green Room into a Red Room; There's "Adele," a yarn by Vito Ricanelli about a cop who kills his wife when she attacks him with a cleaver, but whose only witnesses are a reluctant neighbor and her junkie nephew -- who has been banging the cop's wife.

And here's the best news: this is Issue One, Volume One -- a real honest to god first edition. How many first editions do you actually own? Hell, the only ones I have are books I wrote myself!

All this and more -- reviews, news and guns, dames and booze -- in Dark Corners Pulp, available in eBook ($3.99) and paperback ($8.09) through Amazon.

Come on, folks! These books are cheap and incredibly entertaining. Grab them now!

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