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I've been a house painter, dishwasher, broiler cook, private detective, military intelligence analyst, and I spent nearly 40 years as a reporter covering crime, 26 of them for the San Francisco Chronicle. These days I write science fiction, fantasy, horror and crime fiction, and I blog about books, films and crimes that don't receive sufficient attention from the mainstream media. I would like to be Elmore Leonard, Raymond Chandler, Ross MacDonald, Dashiell Hammett or George V. Higgins, but all of them are dead so I'll just stick with what I am already doing. . .

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

My Stories in Print as of October 11, 2014

OK, we're friends, aren't we? All right, all right: maybe we aren't actually buddies who would go out drinking together or loan each other money, but at least we follow each other on Facebook and Twitter, right?

(Don't hesitate like that before answering. It makes me nervous.)

Since we're at least virtual pals, I'm going to ask you for a favor: I currently have three pieces that are available in fine modern magazines, and because we are friends you really should buy them to show me you support my efforts.

They are: 

All Due Respect, Issue Number 4, now available through Amazon for Kindle ($2.99). 

A fine publication that specializes in lurid tales of hard-edged crime, including marvelous stories in the noir tradition.  This wonderful magazine's most recent edition, released earlier this month, features my story "The Bust-out," a tale about a group of misdirected criminals whose attempt to pull off a million-plus dollar caper goes just far enough awry to get them to their chins in the proverbial shit. 

Dark Corners Pulp, available in eBook ($3.99) and paperback ($8.09) through Amazon.

This fine publication, the product of C.T. and Emily McNeely, Steve Gallagher and others, is a brand new anthology that not only contains stories by some of the best dark crime, horror and fantasy writers currently at work in this country, but also offers reviews of classic and contemporary pulp fiction, interviews with authors and biographical sketches of featured writers. 

Among the stories in the current issue is the first installment of a serialized novelette that I wrote, "Witch's Hat Trick" which is about a modern day sorceror who becomes the target of a Russian organized crime boss -- a sort of mash-up of crime story and urban fantasy, if you will. Future issues will take the story through to its conclusion.

Dark Corners Pulp is brand new, so for a limited time you have the opportunity to pick up its premiere issue. Consider it a first edition; this is your chance to add a real collector's item to your library. Just think of what it will be worth in the future!

Crime Factory # 16, Kindle edition $1.99, paperback version $8.09, available through Amazon. 

The latest issue of this great Australian eZine is on sale and features a story about my real-life run in with the Japanese Yakuza when I was stationed in Japan in the 1960s. The story has rats, gangsters and a pair of intrepid American electronic intelligence experts -- what more could you ask for!

Now run out and buy at least one of these magazines now, you hear? Don't make me get down on my knees and beg! (Getting the grass stains out of my corduroys is a real pain in the ass!)

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